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Goodbye for a while

I’m not sure how many follow me in particular, or how many just stumble across my stuff. Either way, I won’t be posting for a while. My brother and sister are visiting from Australia, then I’ve got my big move to London for Uni. Hopefully if the mood takes me I’ll post things. In the mean time, thanks for liking and sharing my stuff. I do like making them. Anyone wanna drop me a message I’m sure I’ll reply to it. If you follow me then a big thanks. Onto the next step in my story. Geronimo

I noticed this when I first watched but thought I was mistaken. Maybe I still am and not sure if it’s even intentional, but look at this face. Doesn’t it look like Matt Smith? I know it’s not this face throughout the rest of the scene, just thist bit. And I’m not saying it’s meant to be the 11th Doctor as part of the story, more of an easter egg. Think about it, this was the moment the 12th Doctor had his big moment. Like Matt Smith stepping through the image of David Tennant in the 11th hour, this is the 12th Doctor ripping off his old face and becoming the Doctor.

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