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ttheghostamongus asked:

hi, i know this may be a bit much to ask, but could you tell me at what time during the leaked episode the "phone call" happens? i dont want to watch the whole episode yet, just that part.

Sorry, I haven’t watched the leaked episode and I don’t plan to. Want to watch it on the release day with zero spoilers :)

The people who leaked the Doctor Who scripts and footage are the lowest of the low. They don’t care about the show, just making a quick buck on the talent of other people. Sure, you have the right to watch it, and sure you might not post any spoilers. But by watching it you’re saying that this is an ok thing to do. You’re justifying what these people do, and despite what you say, it ruins it for everyone else. Sure you might not post spoilers, but do you think everyone is the same? People who want to watch it like it was meant to be seen now have to tiptoe around the internet. Any second a massive spoiler could appear in a message or a photo. Is that fair? No. Don’t support what these leakers do. They are scum

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