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The Doctor walked around his TARDIS. He was feeling weaker by the second, and yet he felt that familiar power lurking inside rushing to the surface. He knew it was only a matter of time. Soon, he would be someone else. He felt breathless. Slowly, he removed his bowtie, and held it tight. He opened his hand and looked down at it. That bright red tie seemed to suck all other colour out of his surroundings. It really was cool. A bright glow began to envelop his old friend, almost as  if the bowtie itself was changing. He clasped it in his hand, and braced himself. The last few minutes he will be him. This was the hardest part, and yet somehow, the greatest. A chance to see the universe again through brand new eyes. The Doctor smiled. He had always hated endings, but this was no where near the end. It was more a beginning of a new chapter. The Doctor looked at his reflection, swept his hair into place, and gave himself a reassuring smile. “Geronimo” he whispered, and with that, he burst into light which shrouded the TARDIS in that familiar glow it had seen so many times before.

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